Best nights out in Glasgow

Madeline | Date posted - 22 Feb 2019
It’s 100% true (and I will attest to this fact) that in Glasgow you can go out any night of the week and go for a big night out. Whatever your taste in music, wherever you come from, there’s a place for you. But, before you even start to think about going out, you need some grub in you. Not only does going out on a full stomach help stave off the inevitable sore head the next day, but it also makes your night out a little bit extra. You’ll be living off bran flakes and tinned soup for the next three weeks, but that night out is all you’re going to talk about for the next three months. Let us help you on your way and give you some suggestions of where to go.


If you’re going to SWG3, go to Alchemilla. If you’ve bought tickets well in advance for a gig or a DJ, make sure to book Alchemilla at the same time as it’s usually filled up to the brim. If you’re a fan of Ottolenghi, different flavour combinations, and “Focaccia worth travelling for” according to one of the reviews on ResDiary, you need to try this place. If you want some delicious, simple, fresh, and sustainable food, here is your spot. They’re one of those restaurants that always changes up what they’re cooking, all with a sense of humour, check their insta.


If you’re going to Sub Club, go to Paesano. It’s a crowd pleaser, and is Glasgow’s pizza institution, and it’s open til 10.30pm, perfect for a late dinner, plus, the later you go, you’re more than likely to beat the crowds. They don’t do reservations, but you’re bound to get a table, you might just have to head to La Cheetah for a drink while you wait. If it’s your first time there, get all the sides, don’t be afraid to go all out. I sometimes dream about the burrata dish. My friend loves the olives. However, beware of the beef tomato and onion salad if you’re going out, because #onionbreath. The pizzas are cooked in a 500 degree oven for a matter of seconds, and once you’ve ordered, they arrive on your table in a matter of minutes. Quick, speedy, and tasty.

Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food

If you’re going to Garage or Mango, go to Tuk Tuk. We wouldn’t usually recommend a curry before a BNO, but Tuk Tuk is a special place on the Sauciehall Street strip. Grab your crew and settle in here for the evening before all the £1 tequilas. Our favourite dishes on the menu include the butter paneer, which is cheesy, buttery, and silky smooth, and amazing value for a fiver. If your pals are into sharing everything and taking a bitta this, bitta that, then order all the dishes, especially the ginger garlic chicken, and if you’re lucky, try the duck labanda curry. Amazing. Have a rest after your curry feast, and head to any of the nearby bars before enjoying your night out. Make sure you bring chewing gum and take a windeze.

Five March

If you’re going to the Berkeley Suite, go to Five March. Another hot spot in the Glasgow restaurant scene, still a relative newbie, but with top notch service and delicious food to match, it’s the new go to place for a Friday/Saturday night. Their dishes are made for sharing, and the vegetable dishes are some of the real stars of the menu, again, this place changes their menu every so often, but some highlights are the roasted carrots with pistachio cream, maple, nori, and puffed rice. The grilled leeks, walnut romanesco, alioli, with an almond and parmesan crumb are another superstar. If you’re a meat lover, the fried chicken sandwich is the one to go for. Do not share it.

The Crafty Pig

If you’re going to Viper (because it’s open again!), go to The Crafty Pig. It’s an all in one, you can have a delicious dinner here, bbq tex-mex style, and enjoy any one of their number of beers. It’s literally just below Viper so you can head there whenever you’re ready for a boogie and to change your order from IPA’s to vodka coke’s. Even if you’re not up for a big one, you can head to their pub quiz on a Thursday.
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