Best curry in Manchester

Wael Makki | Date posted - 19 Nov 2018
200 years ago, an Indian migrant opened Britain’s first curry house to cater for the fashion for spicy food. Today, England is home to hundreds of amazing Indian restaurants across the country. And what better Indian dish than curry? At ResDiary, we’re obsessed with curry. Curry is good, curry is life, and curry is in Manchester. So if you're curry-ous to find the best curry in Manchester, check out our top five. Expect red, green, spicy, less-spicy, and above all delicious curry. You’ll thank us later.

Indian Tiffin Room

With more than thirteen different curry dishes, Indian Tiffin room cooks some of the best curries in Manchester. This restaurant specialises in authentic street food inspired by the bustling streets of India. Their menu is healthy, less influenced by heavily flavored spiced, but filled with the flavours of India. From nawabi kofta and kerala fish to butter chicken and palak paneer, their curries come in all shapes, all sizes, and are accompanied by all types of ingredients. “Curry” up and book your spot here, these guys are often pretty packed.


To all the vegetarian and vegan peeps out there, this one’s the perfect match for you! Nothing represents India more than its classical cuisine, and if you’re looking for authentic veggie curry dishes, then try Sanskruti. This little gem serves curries from different country in India. From the South to Punjab and Gujarat, you’ll get to try the best of each region. They cater for all tastes requirements: from the mild and medium dishes for a family night out to hot and sizzling dishes to kick-start a celebration. At Sanskruti, be prepared for a potential food “Korma”.


Indian, Asian, BBQ & Grill, Brunch, Cocktails, Arabic
Zouk is an Asian restaurant that specialises in Pakistani and Indian cuisine, and their slow-cooked curries are simply a joy. They usually come with fresh seafood such as king prawns, haddock, tiger prawn, scallops, or pieces of different meats. Whatever the occasion, Zouk is always a good idea. Here, you’ll find some of the best curries in Manchester, as well as exciting desserts. Little tip: try their chocolate cheesecake. Whether you’re on a diet, are trying to be healthy, or whatever reason that would prevent you from having this piece of heaven, give yourself a quick break. You’ll thank us later.


Who said Indians were the only ones cooking good curries? From the streets of Bangkok to Manchester, Thaikhun serves delicious and authentic Thai street food (as well as Thai inspired cocktails - yes it’s worth mentioning). From green and red curry to panang, massaman, and jungle curry, at Thaikhun you’ll get to discover new spices and tastes related to “The land of Smiles”. Theses guys open their first restaurant in Manchester in 2014. They’re now based in more than ten cities! Everybody loves them, we love them, and you’re going to love them too.


Asian, Indian, Fine Dining, Afternoon Tea, Seafood
Quirky and trendy, Vermilion is the hot spot in town serving some of the best curries in Manchester. It’s a three storey labyrinth with six luxuriously designed spaces and amazing Thai and Indian food. Situated next to the Etihad Stadium Manchester, these guys master in seafood and curry cooking. They’ve got more than ten curry plates, and plenty of other yummy dishes that will tantalize those taste buds of yours. After dinner, head to their uber cool cocktail lounge for a delicious beverage. But be careful, they’re pretty strong. You might need someone to “curry” you home (Ok, I’m out).
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