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Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 03 Oct 2018
S Club 7 might have argued that there ain’t no party like an S Club party but we beg to differ; we say there ain’t no party like a cocktail party. Keep on reading for our top picks of bars where you can enjoy some of the best cocktails in London.

ABQ London

“Let’s cook cocktails b****!”, is totally something Jesse Pinkman would say if he paid a visit to ABQ London. Set in a battered RV, stationed in Shoreditch, this place is a clever Breaking Bad inspired cocktail bar which will have you wanting to start the beloved series all over again. Get ready for high school chemistry flashbacks as the RV is packed full of beakers, flasks and test tubes. The bunsen burners don’t make an appearance though, instead you have dry ice to give your cocktails that extra oomph. Now if only there was a Los Pollos nearby for the drunken walk home, the experience would be complete.

Louie Louie

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By day it’s a relaxed cafe serving up small plates, coffees and delicious cakes, but by night Louie Louie transforms into a stylish bar with cocktails, music and dining. Just a stone’s throw away from Elephant and Castle station, Louie Louie exudes cool. It’s also useful to know that this place is buzzing at the weekend, with DJs playing great music on a bespoke vintage HiFi system producing the best quality sound.

The Bletchley

Get your thinking cap on and prepare for code-breaking and cocktails at The Bletchley. Inspired by Bletchley Park, the historical site where British Intelligence cracked German codes during WW2, The Bletchley is a unique concept where agents solve codes to make bespoke cocktails that fit their personality. Are you up for the challenge? Nac uoy kcarc eht edoc?

Trailer Happiness

If you love the tiki concept (and who doesn’t love the tiki concept?) this is the place for you. Serving up fantastic cocktails and an award-winning rum list since 2003, they’re a stalwart of the London cocktail scene. It’s hugely popular and stays open later than most of the bars in the area which means it can get super busy later on. If a dance and amazing drinks are on your list, stay all night, if an intimate cocktail and quiet conversation, it might be best to go early.

Little Bird

Summer may be over (sigh) but the tropical vibes are well and truly alive at Little Bird. Lose yourself in the tranquil setting, surrounded by real amazonian plants, sipping a cocktail, while Motown plays in the background. The venue focuses on cocktails with an emphasis on botanicals, spices and tropical flavours, aiming to remind you of your holidays. If you’ve had a sensational cocktail somewhere on your travels you can describe it to them and they’ll do their best to transport you back to those memories, bliss.
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