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Ashleigh Dougherty | Date posted - 30 Jan 2019
If you’ve not quite jumped on the vegan wagon just yet, then chances are you are usually sniffing out the best restaurants for chicken. Whether it’s a traditional Sunday roast dinner, a chicken kebab on a Saturday night after drinks in town or the greasiest chicken burger that you can get your mitts on. Don’t worry - I’ve got it covered. Here’s the top 5 London based restaurants that are serving up chicken all day, everyday.


If you want some truly finger licking good, then the chicken additions on MEATliquor N1’s menu is the only thing you need in your life. Whether you fancy the buffalo wings or South-African Braai wings with fiery spices; there is bound to be something that tickles your appetite. They have a good selection of chicken based burgers from the dirty cheeseburger slathered in their home made buffalo sauce or if you’re feeling like a king, then the tower block burger is the only option for you - a fried chicken fillet burger, with cheese, hash brown, jalapeños, russian dressing and ‘slaw. Yum, give me a slice.


As Clutch say themselves, they know exactly how fried food is done, so why wouldn’t you want to visit for a bite to eat? Cooking their food using groundnut oils means the dinner served up to you on a plate tastes and looks fresh and never has that burnt look or taste that some fried foods can have. All ingredients used are ethically sourced, so whilst you’re not quite having a meat free diet, you essentially are helping the planet.   You are guaranteed to try something a little less expected and more out of the norm at Clutch. Their jerk chicken croquette features slow smoked pulled chicken, served up with banana ketchup. Or maybe you want to go all in and order the ‘No Woman No Thigh’ dish featuring a fried mix of buttermilk chicken legs and wings. There’s even chicken gravy! Gluten and wheat free meal options available.


It wouldn’t be a dreamy restaurant guide if I didn’t feature a good Mexican fiesta. From cheesy quesadillas, crispy tostadas, crackling tacos and lots more (including bigger plates called plates mayores!), you are not going to be in for any disappointment if you choose to dine here. A hidden little secret, tucked away behind Oxford Street, the place is owned by a couple who do the cooking and the serving. The cooking put into their food blends a mix of spices and salsas which will tantalise any hungry taste buds. There’s even a cocktail and drinks menu that uses their own signature margarita mix. It’s not quite Mexico, but it’s close enough!


Award winning Turkish restaurant, Rixos offers a mix of Middle East & Mediterranean meats West with a bar and grill for all. You will be pleasantly surprised that this London gem is very reasonably priced with most mains priced between £10 and £15. It’s a great one to swing by to if you’re looking for some healthier chicken options and the less greasy kind. Offering a typical mix of chicken shishs, marinated chicken wings and chicken kebabs with salad and chilli or garlic sauces.


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A child friendly option based in Clapham, which offers the perfect contemporary Sunday lunches. Think roast chicken with ALL of the trimmings. Failing that, you might fancy MOMMI’S bottomless brunch or popping into listen to their late night music at the weekends.  

Feeling overwhelmed? I wouldn’t know where to start either. Maybe from the top?!

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