Best burgers in York

A piece of heaven

Wael Makki | Date posted - 22 Nov 2018
When a burger craving hits, nothing else with satisfy. Fortunately, York boasts a high number of quality burger joints, from street food vendors to high-end restaurants. At ResDiary, we’re truly passionate about burgers, so we’re delighted to introduce our top five picks for the best burgers in York. Ready, set, go!


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For all the meat lovers out there, Source should be on the very top of your list. This spot specialises in slow-cooked meats and super foods. They cook five different burgers, from pork to beef, chicken, or mushroom burgers, and they’re simply delicious. They can be made gluten-free or vegan, so your restricted friends have no more excuse not to accompany you. They serve other exciting dishes too, such as salads, nachos, cuts of meats, meat trays, and yummy sides. If you’re looking for the best burgers in York, don’t miss this one!

Turtle Bay

In the mood for spicy and exotic food? Try Turtle Bay. This spot serves authentic, great tasting Caribbean-style food from Aruba to Saint Lucia. From their two-way chicken and street shack burgers to their delicious pulled pork, jammin’ lamb, and halloumi burgers, you’ll get to taste the most exotic and best burgers in York. Order a fresh starter, a yummy side, and a mouthwatering dessert. Don’t forget to wash it all down with one of their fantastic rum-based cocktails, and you’re in for a true Caribbean experience.


Wildwood is one of those places that serves many dishes from different origins and that everyone loves, starting with us. These guys serve freshly prepared food, and whether you choose from the grill section, stone-baked pizza, or freshly prepared pastas, you’ll leave this gem completely satisfied. They’ve got three different burgers; the classic cheeseburger, the wild boar and chorizo burger, and our very favourite, the buttermilk chicken burger. Picture this: 7oz of beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese, relish, yummy sauce, crispy bacon, and fries. Feeling hungry yet?

Cosy Club

You probably know them already, but if you don’t, we’re happy to introduce them. Located in different cities, Cosy Club is surely one of the first spots that comes in our mind when we think “best burgers in York”. Their menus veer from brunches and light salads to comfort food classics, with more than ten exciting burgers. Located in York’s first purpose-built cinema, the Electric Theatre, Cosy Club has come up with more than ten delicious burgers. From double meats to gluten-free, veggie, and vegan burgers, you’ll be sure to find the right one that’ll meet your highest expectations.

The New Inn

New Inn is a traditional village pub set within the North Yorkshire Country. If you’re looking for a unique burger, try New Inn’s. Their bread is baked from their wood-fired oven (and trust us, that makes a difference!) and their burgers are served with bacon, cheese, and fries. Might sound like an average burger, but trust us it’s not.t. Reserve your spot and experience it for yourself!
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