Best burgers in Newcastle

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Claire Murray | Date posted - 11 Oct 2018
Lettuce let you into a secret: there’s nothing we love more than a good burger. It’s one of those meals where if it’s what you fancy, nothing else will do. Whether you’ve been out the night before and are dying for a hangover cure, or you’re just super hungry, check out our list of the best burgers in Newcastle. (We're always making sure you don’t get a raw deal.)

Pleased to Meet You

41-51 High Bridge, Newcastle, United Kingdom, NE1 1EW
We’re not going to mince our words here: Pleased to Meet You (or PTMY to those in the know) is one of our favourite restaurants in Newcastle. With a bar and a restaurant, it’s the kind of place that suits every events from a quiet date night, to a wild night out. Not to mention that their burgers are brilliant. Famous for pretty decent portions, the PTMY burger comes with cured bacon, cheese, tomato jam, salad and fries. If you’re heading at lunchtime, you can get their amazing burger on their pronto menu (two courses served within 45 minutes) for just £12.95.

TGI Fridays

You can’t do a list of burgers without adding TGIs can you? With a choice of seven dishes ranging from a Classic American to a Gravy Seal (yes, a burger served with a beef gravy boat), you’re definitely not going to suffer from a lack of choice. As self-confessed Jack Daniel’s sauce addicts, our favourite is the Double Glazed Burger; a patty double coated in their famous glaze. In true Fridays' style, if classic fries aren’t enough for you, you can upgrade to sweet potato, chilli beef and cheese, or more. Finish up with their huge choice of cocktails and settle in to enjoy the atmosphere.

Hop and Cleaver

Stripped back walls, cool music, and smoked meat; it doesn’t come much trendier than Hop and Cleaver. Thankfully, those hipsters know a thing or two about food, and Hop and Cleaver serves up one of the best burgers in Newcastle. In fact they have six choices, from your standard beef burger, to a buttermilk chicken delight, and a great veggie option. Our favourite is the Gooey Louis, a cheese and jalapeno filled patty, topped with cheese and bacon, cos there’s no such thing as too much cheese. All the burgers come with chips but it would be rude not to try their huge collection of sides with treats like onion rings, hog rinds, and chilli mac and cheese.

Colonel Porter’s Emporium

The menu at Colonel Porter’s Emporium takes inspiration from 1920’s dishes. We’re not sure if they had burgers in the UK in 1920, but because theirs are so good, we’re willing to go with it. Set in a bar that’s more than slightly reminiscent of Goodnight Sweetheart (are we showing our age with that reference?), this is a super quirky spot that serves up fun food and cocktails. Their burgers are found in the “Fancy Sarnies” section - quirky - and not only is there a double cheeseburger served with all the trimmings, there’s also a beaded macaroni cheese burger! Wash it down with their signature cocktails, including a strawberry and basil caipirinha, and Singapore Slings, and you’re onto a winner.

Shark Club

Make no minced-steak, Canadians know how to do a great burger. Which is why Canadian-themed bar, The Shark Club is right up there with the best burgers in Newcastle. There are some great choices, with California blackened chicken burgers, a fish and chip burger, and your usual beef choices. More of a sports bar than a restaurant, they have 32 HDTVs around the bar area, meaning that it’s a brilliant place to head if your favourite football (it’s football, ok Canada?), rugby, or sports team are playing. If you’re with someone who isn’t a burger fan, make sure you head along on a Wednesday or Friday, as it’s Wing Night, and tasty chicken wings are just 37p each.

George’s Great British Kitchen

Anywhere with a dedicated gin bar is good enough for us. Throw in some hearty, delicious food and George’s Great British Kitchen are onto a winner. They serve five main meal sections; Good Old Classics, Speciality Pies, Fish, Meat, and of course, In a Bun. And it’s the latter that’s our favourite. They use chuck, brisket, and rib to make their “proper dirty double burger”, serving it with all the trimmings. You can even add on fancy extras like grilled halloumi, or a fried egg if you’re feeling fancy. Their chicken burger is just as good; served in a brioche bun with Red Leicester cheese and campfire coleslaw. They’re both choices to relish…
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