Best burgers in Cardiff

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Wael Makki | Date posted - 21 Nov 2018
Loosen your belts! Here are the top five of the best burgers in Cardiff. From juicy and double meats, to veggie and gluten-free options, we’ve hunted down the very best spots the Welsh capital has to offer. And there’s no need to just pick one. Visit each and every one, we implore you!

Cosy Club

“Think aristocratic abundance with a dash of local village cricket pavilion pottiness”. That’s how Cosy Club has been described. Located in the St David’s shopping centre, Cosy Club is one of the top spots for good burgers in town. Their menus veer from brunches and light salads to comfort food classics, with more than ten exciting burgers. Try our special favourite, The Colonel. Imagine Panko-crumbed chicken breast topped with a macaroni cheese fritter, smoked bacon, melted cheese, fried onions, and barbecue sauce. Feeling hungry yet?

Turtle Bay

Tired of cold and rainy Cardiff? Looking for a heated, spicy moment? Turtle Bay restaurant has got you covered! (What were you expecting, you naughty?) This spot serves authentic, great tasting Caribbean-style food from Aruba to Saint Lucia. Expect fresh starters, deliciously grilled meat cuts, tasty salads, and above all, awesome burgers. From their hot chick’in and street burgers to their delicious shack stack, smoking goat, and kernel burgers, at Turtle Bay you’ll to taste the most exotic and best burgers in Cardiff.


If you’re looking for a casual and comfortable place to chill out with your friends while having a good bite,  head to Peppermint. Located in the heart of the Welsh capital, this cool spot offers a mix of street food and good old traditional favourites. They’ve got six original burgers with international tastes on their menu,like their classic, black & blue, or their vegan tofu, Southern Mexican, and Marrakech burgers. Wash it all down with an amazing premium cocktail. Get their membership card for £3 and enjoy amazing deals on their drink, like 2-4-1 cocktails, or £2 for two beers.

Steak of the Art

Sorry veggie friends but you’ll have to pass on this one. You might have guessed by its name, Steak of the Art is not only a delicious steakhouse but also an ever-changing gallery of art. They serve all sorts of amazing pieces of meats, and one of the best burgers in Cardiff. Their cheeseburger is made of homemade steak mince paste, gherkins, beef tomato, mayo, and cos lettuce in an ultimate burger bap from Hobbs House Bakery. Simply a joy!

TGI Fridays

Looking for great burgers? Trust the Americans! For those of you who still don’t know TGI Fridays, these guys serve all sorts of delicious American flavours. From yummy appetisers to steaks, tasty sandwiches, and amazing burgers, you always leave this place with a fully-satisfied tummy. Their burger menu is simply heaven on earth. They’ve got a double glazed burger, nachos burger, chicken burger, warrior burger and many (many) more! They’ve got vegetarian and vegan options, and an amazing drinks list with smoothies and cocktails to accompany your exciting meal. Avoid the line and book your spot.
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