Asian restaurants in Manchester

Claire | Date posted - 19 Jun 2019
If there’s one thing we’re not missing in Manchester, it’s a melting pot of cultures. It’s part of what makes this city so great, and part of the reason we have such great food. You can barely walk a couple of steps without hitting a great Indian, an amazing Thai spot, or a delicious Japanese restaurant. To satisfy your tasty cravings, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Asian restaurants in Manchester.

Teppanyaki Chinatown

Kicking this off with a classic, Teppanyaki Chinatown is a local favourite, serving up delicious Japanese food in a cosy space. It’s part dinner, part show, as chefs flame, throw, and flip their way round cooking your food, and kimono-draped staff service up your dishes. Grab some of their picture-perfect sushi, treat yourself to teppanyaki meats, or go for okonomiyaki, a tasty Japanese omelette, cooked in front of you. There’s plenty of reasons this is on our list of favourite Asian restaurants in Manchester.


Japanese restaurant number two, and this time we’re heading to Samsi who have been residing on Whitworth Street for the last 26 years! Opening in 1993, their longevity should be proof enough that the food is delicious. They specialise in great noodle dishes, with the choice of shichimi, yakisoba, and ramen available, with plenty of sushi and rice dishes too. Their private rooms make it the perfect place for a celebration, with the stunning decor lending an air of sophistication.

Angkor Soul

Delicious food, cooked by a Cambodian chef, in warm and welcoming surroundings: what more could you possibly want? Angkor Soul has been delighting the people of Altrincham since it opened recently and we can totally see why. From their incredible Cambodian corn fritters, to gorgeous ginger tamarind duck, every plate has great flavour. We really recommend getting yourself a dessert too, the bread and butter pudding has a Cambodian citrus twist that oddly, acts as a great palate cleaner at the end of your meal.


If you have a big appetite, the food at Zouk will definitely be for you. Their special roasts feature whole legs of lamb, roast chicken, and whole stuffed lamb, all cooked in tasty spices and served with plenty of accompaniments. If you’re not looking for something quite so filling, we recommend picking one of their signature curries. The butter chicken is some of the best we’ve tasted and their railway curry keeps people coming back time and again. With their effortlessly cool decor and low lighting, it’s a great spot for date night.


From laid back sophistication to all out glamour, Vermillion is a beautiful, outlandish fine dining Indian venue on Lord North Street. This three-storey venue features a restaurant, bar, and a banqueting hall, popular for weddings. Enjoy Asian fusion dishes like chow mein, lamb massaman, or chicken biriyani, under the golds and reds of their luxurious decoration. Be sure to hit up the impressive Cinnabar afterwards for tasty cocktails.  
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