Asian restaurants in Dublin

Madeline Pratley | Date posted - 15 May 2019

Hang Dai

Neon lights and chinese food conjure up images of a dodgy takeaway after a night out. But at Hang Dai it’s a totally different story. From the outside it looks like a chinese takeaway but inside it’s a whole other world, there’s a subway carriage with neon lights and a DJ booth in the corner. You’ll be able to smell delicious dishes like the Beijing style thinly sliced duck with crispy skin, chopped leg, and thigh (wow) which you’ll have served with duck broth with chinese pickles, and pancakes, cucumber, and cherry hoisin. The vegetarian dishes are equally as mouth-watering, like the double fried aubergine with timur pepper sauce, and the chilli-fried green beans with salted radish. We’d also recommend the grilled hispi cabbage with burnt chilli dressing. Hang dai is one of the coolest and tastiest asian restaurants in Dublin, a must book.


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Just round the corner from Ha’penny bridge and near the craziness of Temple Bar is Yamamori. It’s an award-winning Japanese restaurant with a mixture of hot dishes and sushi. In this picture you can see the Salmon, mango, and tenkasu, which is a mango and tempura flake norimaki topped with salmon, masago and sriracha mayonnaise. Their dishes range from sashimi to fillet beef tataki (rare Irish fillet steak thinly sliced and garnished with salad, served with truffle ponzu dressing and sweet potato chips). If you’re into tempura, because let’s be honest, fried food = heaven, they have four different types, and they’ve also got some amazing buttermilk kara age. If there’s no space in the north city venue, there’s one in the south city, and there’s also the sake bar if you’re looking for somewhere to hit up late night.


In the heart of Dublin, round the corner from Georges St and Grafton St is Ukiyo, a Japanese restaurant, lounge, bar, club, and (wait for it) karaoke venue. To start, give the bao a go, pork if you’re a carnivore, it’s delicious and served with slaw, gochujang, and coriander. It’s also child-friendly, get the kids to try the caterpillar sushi roll, and the chicken katsu wrap, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a katsu? If you’re going a bit later in the day, child free, once you’ve had the bao, and had a couple of beverages, it’s time to get your boogie on. Make sure you’ve booked a karaoke room, they can fit up to 20 people, so gather a crew and sing your heart out.


Saba is a thai word for “happy meeting place”, and boy is it. Not only are the staff absolutely lovely, the food is delicious. They serve authentic cuisine at great prices in a glorious setting. You’re going to want to start with a cocktail from their award-winning list. The most famous is probably the Garrigue made from Bacardi Carta Blanca, lemon juice, Yellow Chartreuse, Orgeat syrup, and a pinch of sea salt. The menu has all the classic thai dishes you know and love, like phad thai, pho, thai green/yellow/red curry, and massaman chicken, to name but a few. There’s even some wok dishes, all served with rice, like the Xao Hao Lo, choose any meat or veg that you like and it’s served with asparagus, mushrooms, babycorn, snow peas and cashew nuts. Saba is a place for a big group, the selection is massive, and the cocktails will keep everyone happy.

Nightmarket Thai Restaurant

Nightmarket Thai Restaurant offers traditional, authentic regional Thai food, focusing on the rustic food of Chiang Mai, and the spicy seafood dishes of Hua Hin, while using as many local, quality ingredients as possible. They do a delicious Thai brunch menu, with dishes such as their grilled Thai aubergine salad and the crispy balls of pork laab with red curry paste and all the classic thai garnishes. It’s a little bit different from the usual avo on toast, but great if you fancy something other than the usual. If you’d rather go in the evening their menu has more to it than the usual green curry and chicken satay, such as the Goon Ob Woon Sen, a combination of king prawn, pork belly, glass noodles, ginger, black pepper, celery with spicy nahm jim sauce served alongside.
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