Get more than Schloss’ed at Albert’s Schloss


Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 03 Oct 2018
Serving the freshest Pilsner this side of the Danube, and 10 heritage brews on tap, you’d be forgiven for thinking this place was just about getting “schlossed”. However, you’d be wrong as this is no ordinary bar. They most recently received oh-so-glowing reviews from the Guardian, with the menu being described as eclectic, and the Peter Street Party Palace hailed as “a class act”, (but we already knew that). Albert’s Schloss, Manchester, keeps going from strength to strength, and rightly so. Strap on the lederhosen and bring your appetite, we’re taking you on a trip through the party palace YAH.

The palatial palace

Looking around Albert’s Schloss, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to a grand chateau in the Alps. With all the comforts of a German manor house, from roaring fires to Bavarian beers, this palatial venue takes influence from across the Alpine region. You’ll love the grandiose hall, sporting a mix of classic wooden furniture, elevated beer tanks, and a stage prepped for some “Super Fantastich” parties. Think sassy drag queens, booming live bands and a spot of good old fashioned cabaret, (if you’re lucky). There’s a plethora of events happening at the Haus, so plan your night accordingly as we guarantee you won’t be leaving ’til the wee hours.”

A 'Bier Palace' fit for a king.

As Manchester’s first Tankovna (pubs offering beer straight from the tank), Albert’s Schloss serves uber fresh Pilsner, 10 heritage brews on the taps, Alpine cocktails, and homemade Schnapps. It doesn’t stop there, you can peep the wine list long enough to make your head spin (in the best way, of course). Our personal favourite way to order a drink is via the ‘push for Prosecco’ buttons on every table. You know what we say to that? sip sip hooray! ”

The Schloss nosh

If you’re the Shania of the group and the drinks don’t impress you much, the Cook Haus will most certainly knock your leopard print boots off. Enjoy haus speciality crispy kronuts, (a delicious donut/croissant hybrid), freshly made pretzels, and mouth-watering cinnamon knots. Even better why not fill your boots with a wide selection of rustic Schloss nosh? Burst out of you Bundhosen with a wide selection of nosh like currywurst, schweinshaxe (crispy bavarian pork knuckle), chicken schnitzel, and banging Bavarian flatbreads. There’s so much to try, book your table now and get on ze list.
We have more love for this place than Queen Victoria had for her darling Prince Albert, and guarantee you will too. If you’re ever in Manchester, get your tush down here and revel in the debauchery.
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