After work drinks in Manchester

Eleanor Graceful | Date posted - 21 Nov 2018
Hey Manchester, looking for the best spots in town to have a few drinks with your colleagues after a tough day at the office? Check out our top 6 places for after work drinks in Manchester!

Cane & Grain

Fancy a bit of a challenge after work? Who doesn’t? Well this bar literally has something for everyone. Spread across three floors, you’ll find Cane and Grain in the bottom serving up an all-American feast of Bourbon and beer. Science and Industry in the middle, an eccentric and experimental hideaway and a new addition to the Manchester bar scene. And The Liars Lounge on top with their famous Zombie that they can legally only serve you two of – but if you want more, you’re not doing something right! This place is in the heart of the Northern Quarter, and perfect for pleasing the colleagues.

Turtle Bay

If you’re looking for a slice of Caribbean paradise after work, then look no further than Turtle Bay. They have two locations in Manchester – Oxford Street and Oldham Street – and are a hit for a very good reason, HAPPY HOUR! Grab two cocktails for the price of one up until 7pm, and if you’re still standing, head back there at 10pm to relive the same offer. You can’t help but soak up the atmosphere of this place, and getting down to a bit of reggae (the rum really does help with that…)

Black Dog Ballroom

There’s not many places in Manchester that cater for all your night-out needs as well as Black Dog Ballroom: Whether it’s a party that lasts until 5am, or a game of pool that you fancy, they have a fully-stocked bar offering that is sure to put a smile on your face. If you can find it, there is also a secret room decked out like a gentleman’s club… or maybe we imagined that at 4am?  


If you’re looking for a super-swanky, uber-rustic kind of place to escape the normality of everyday life, then head on down to Gorilla. You’ll find it between the railway arches near Oxford Street Station, and there’s usually a queue out the door, for very good reason. They not only have some of the best drinks in Manchester (think cocktails with strawberry cool aid, popping candy and bay leaf) but their music offering is a force to be reckoned with, and will keep you dancing all night long.


As well as being an established eatery on the Manchester scene, Trof also offers a range of cocktails, wine and over 30 different bourbons (not the biscuit, before you ask…) as well as a weekly beer recommendation. You won’t struggle to find somewhere to sit as the bar itself spans 3 floors as well as having an outside seating area. You can also hire a room if you’re feeling a bit fancy too!

El Capo

If 90’s RnB is your thing (and let’s face it, of course it is…) then head to El Capo on Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter. With 40 different tequilas for you to try, as well as an attractive cocktail menu to whet your whistle, you’ll be boogying on the chairs like Beyoncé in no time (we of course do not condone dancing on furniture, but we do encourage it). This place does get busy, but you won’t be sat for long when the music takes over, that’s for sure!

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