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Madeline Pratley | Date posted - 08 Nov 2018
Christchurch is full of amazing restaurants, you won't go hungry here. Sometimes you really want to go out for a slap up meal because it's just one of those days. But if you’re wanting to save some cash or it's nearing the end of the month, you might want to choose somewhere a little bit more affordable. We've got a list of some of the tastiest places you can go to at some of the best prices.

Little Neighbourhood

Pizza, Child Friendly, Street Food Style
Little Neighbourhood is a central Christchurch beer garden and eatery with some of the best burgers and pizza in town. All their pizzas are made with premium “00” flour and are yeast-raised for 24 hours. They also cater to those with dietary requirements, offering a gluten free crust option if you are that way inclined. So, why is it one of the most affordable restaurants in Christchurch? Well, for $12 you can try the taste of truffle in their truffled mushroom and potato croquettes with roasted garlic aioli. If you’re really hungry you need to order the half a kilo of chicken wings which is only $13. Head down on Wednesday for quiz night and try one of their burgers on their new menu.

Erawan Thai

At this Thai restaurant, you’ll get all the classic Thai dishes you’re used to, from Pad Thai to Green Curry, and you’ll also get some that maybe you haven’t heard of such as Pad Pug Ruam, which is a delicious plate of stir-fried seasonal vegetables with Thai seasoning and sauces. This Thai food not only tastes good but also looks beautiful, it’s always a hearty feast filled with fun and fiery flavours of Thai culinary creations. Erawan Thai allows you to BYO so you can save a few coins if you need to by bringing your own choice of alcohol. Plus, if you just want a night in but delicious Thai food, you can order a takeaway and enjoy this in the comfort of your own home. Bliss.

Le Xom

Experience Vietnamese street food at Le Xom, this restaurant has two different menus, for those looking for an affordable restaurant in Christchurch you can eat from the Street Vendor Fare menu with dishes starting from $9.90, try the “Nha Trang” Cevinche, a fresh salmon cube served with red onion, fresh coriander, lemongrass, lime citrus, lettuce and peanuts. Drool. Would also recommend the Mongolian Fish Roti. However, if it’s just been payday, try the dishes from the Glamorous menu, everything from Deng Deng Balado, which is a caramelized short rib of beef with kaffir lime chilli, lemon, and basil, to cashew nut and tempura chicken served with sweet chilli jam sauce, carrot, and red capsicum. We’re hungry now just thinking about it.

Yamagen Japanese restaurant

A traditional Japanese restaurant located on Victoria Street, Yamagen serves high quality Japanese food at an affordable price. The menu has a whole range of dishes, suitable for both Sashimi lovers and tempura obsessives. Most dishes are around the $20 mark and you can even wash it down with one of their many cocktails. If you want an authentic experience at a really good price, Yamagen is the place to go.

Tuk Tuk Thai Street Food

This place serves proper Thai Street Food, full of flavour and offers amazing service to every diner they serve. Try the sweet and sour crispy wontons to really taste the Thai. They’ve usually got a whole range of specials as well if you want to try something a little bit different. One of their signature dishes, the Yum Tuk Tuk Pork with roasted peanuts, lemongrass, and chilli, is priced at $16, and absolutely brimming with flavour.
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